A bridge from school to further education

Supporting young talent in South Africa - studying sience subjects and focusing on the future

One of the rising stars of the project's first cycle was Spencer. When the project started, the only thing on his mind was going out skateboarding with his friends on the weekend. Today he has a scholarship to study chemical engineering. He was motivated and supported by a special mentoring programme for young people that helps with all those challenges and decisions during and after school. School enrollment figures in South Africa are high and the illiteracy rate is low (<2% among 15 to 24 year olds), but the quality of tuition is not good, especially in English and Maths. In a recent evaluation of the quality of education, South Africa ranked 146th out of 148. Particularly in the public schools, the learning environment is often very poor. Programmes to support young people in challenging circumstances thus make an important contribution to their career success and offer the prospect of a self-determined life after graduation.


What options do I have after graduation? Why is it important to hold a diploma? All young people ask themselves such questions at the end of their secondary school education. Access to sources of information like the Internet or counseling on the various career options after graduation can not be taken for granted in South Africa, especially in public schools. Although relatively large amounts of public money is put into education, the quality of education is often insufficient. Especially students from low-income families are dependent on tuition-free state schools. These are badly equipped, both in resources and in personnel, which has negative ramifications for how the students are taught as well as how they are supervised and what perspectives are pointed out to them. That is why only a fraction of secondary graduates go on to university or finish a vocational training course. Unemployment among graduates is very high. The programme "Young, African & Dreaming" wants to counteract this situation and prepare young people for the future by supporting them early on.

The good deed

„Young, African & Dreaming“ is a project supported by Go Ahead! in cooperation with the local NGO "Transition Foundations". It supports young people between 16 and 18 years of age at a public school in Midrand, South Africa until they graduate and helps them in the transition from school to university or vocational training. The students come together on Saturdays and Sundays for 10 weeks per semester and together prepare for life after school. It focusses on two key areas: The tutoring programme "Minds-in-Transition" for natural sciences and English; and the programme "Lives-in-Transition" for promoting soft skills and grappling with the individual plans for their career and the future in general. In addition, there are regular field trips to historically significant sites. The project stimulates and motivates the young people to graduate with good grades in order to then go on to university or learn a trade. In the long run, this will increase the number of graduates with good prospects.


One challenge that can stand in the way of successful learning often is the young people's family background. Furthermore, having access to certain infrastructure, such as a computer with an Internet connection, is required for applying to South African universities. Particularly in structurally weak areas this is not always the case and so the project team has to make sure that it is provided to the students. Since demand is greater than the available spaces, selecting participants currently is another challenge. Ideally, the programme should be scaled up, but to achieve that, long-term funding is essential.

Countable output

After around 7 months


After around 3 years

Systemic effect

After around 7 years

Supporting young people in South Africa in the transition from school to further education.
The local NGO Transition Foundations supports young people in a South African township and points out career options for after graduation.
The academic achievements of the participating young people are above average.
Raising the graduation rate among the participating young people to 100%, followed by them applying for university or a vocational training.
Participation in South Africa's economic and social development regardless of origins. Role model and multiplying effect on subsequent generations.


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