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Medical follow-up examination of newborn children in DR Congo

30-years old Guilaine was six months pregnant when she arrived on foot with her three children in the refugee camp Mugunga, near Goma. In recent years, her home region in the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo has been the scene of violent conflict between the military and various rebel groups. In February, Guilaines little son was born in the Johanniter health centre. Like all children, Guilaine's son was vaccinated and his development checked by the Johanniter physicians and midwives.


For more than a decade, fightings between various armed groups unsettle the eastern DRC, often resulting in forced displacement and targeted attacks on the civilian population. According to the United Nations, more than a million people are refugees within their own country. At the moment, the security situation is relatively stable. Nevertheless, many people still do not have access to medical care. Especially for pregnant women and small children, this implies an increased risk of diseases, complications and infant death. In the DRC, the infant mortality rate in children under one year old is still at 7 %.

The good deed

With a medical follow-up examination in one of the health facilities, the Johanniter ensure a healthy start to life for newborns.


Health facilities often report cases of sexual violence but it is rare that perpetrators are brought to justice. The comprehensive care for survivors of sexual violence and the legal prosecution of offenders remains a huge challenge. The Johanniter are activly working towards counteracting this trend by, for example, providing psychological support and legal counselling to survivors of sexual violence.

Countable output

After around 7 months


After around 3 years

Systemic effect

After around 7 years

Medical assistance for children in the DRC.
Newborn children are examined and vaccinated in a Johanniter Health Station.
Number of newborn children that received a medical follow-up examination.
Possible diseases, long-term consequences through complications and child deaths are prevented and the children grow up healthy.
Child mortality decreases and the medical infrastructure for the population is improved .


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