The calendar in your school class

With the 24GoodDeeds Advent calendar, school classes can support aid rojects worldwide with teachers supporting positive actions in their lessons.

Thanks to our comprehensive information pack, the daily opening of a calendar door becomes a new learning experience: your school class will get to learn about 24 global challenges and help to solve them.

You can receive the 24GoodDeeds calendar with a donation of €24 upwards.

Where is the information material to help prepare a class?

Teachers and lecturers in educational establishments can receive the information packs for the given projects in advance, in order to prepare for the class. To receive the online information material for 2018, please follow the links below:

Official Handbook in German

Official Handbook in English

Learn new thing about the world in a playful way

The calendar accompanies you and your class through the period of Advent. Every day, the children can open one of the little doors and see how their donation has had an impact. You can integrate the 24GoodDeeds Advent calendar into your class in this way:

Understanding global challenges

Behind every good deed there is a social or ecological theme, which is made tangible through the concrete solutions brought to the issue by the good deeds. The 24GoodDeeds team has comprehensive background information available to you for every project. Based on this information, your class can do further research on the context of the good deeds.

Improve geographical understanding

Every little door opens a door to another place in the world, which your class will learn to locate thanks to the 24GoodDeeds calendar. With your class, you will attribute the 24GoodDeeds projects to a geographical context. Together with a world map in the classroom, your class can learn about 24 places which they will never forget.

Developing solutions

Through understanding global challenges, the 24GoodDeeds calendar encourages one to act. The good deeds are examples of multiple creative and effective solutions to problems. In a concrete and tangible way, the deeds awaken in children at school the feeling that they too are in a position to take on challenges and bear social responsibility.

Discuss personal consumer behaviour and values

The calendar offers an alternative to traditional Christmas consumption patterns. Your students can share their personal impressions and sensitise each other for more conscious consumer behavior.

24 good deeds calendar