Charitable, independent and dedicated.

24GoodDeeds supports people in need and poverty, regardless of nationality, religion, ethnic background or gender. The association is politically independent and non­denominational.
The commitment of the voluntary members of our organisation is based on personal beliefs and a conviction for social justice.

The Team

Sebastian Wehkamp, 24guteTaten Adventskalender

Sebastian Wehkamp

works as a creative and advertising director. In 2010 he developed the 24GoodDeeds concept. Since then he’s been acting as the project’s chairman and first contact for the project.

Esther Altorfer

is responsible for the evaluation of the 24GoodDeeds projects. She works for a French bank in Mexico. She has gathered previous work experience in the field of microfinance, renewable energy and working for UNICEF in Bolivia, Germany and China.

Johanna Wehkamp, 24guteTaten Adventskalender

Johanna Wehkamp

is responsible for the selection of the good deeds for the advent calendar. She holds a PhD on Global Commons and Climate Change. Her main research interests are finance mechanisms for the protection of tropical forests. She is currently working for the Federal Ministry of Environment, Nature Protection and Nuclear Safety. Previously she has worked at the World Bank and United Nations in the field of forest conservation.

Sven Bratschke

is in charge of project coordination at 24GoodDeeds. He studied Geography and Global Change Management and previously worked for the GIZ and atmosfair in the field of climate protection and climate change mitigation. In addition to his work for 24GoodDeeds, he is an independent consultant for ventures in climate and environmental protection.

Lisa Strauch

Lisa Strauch

is responsible at 24GoodDeeds for the selection of the projects. She studied International Development Studies at the University of Amsterdam and has worked with several NGOs in Peru and Nicaragua and for the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ). Currently she works for the research institute adelphi on climate change adaptation and urban development.

Dr Jens Heinig, 24guteTaten Adventskalender

Dr. Jens Heinig

takes care of our association’s legal matters. He works as a notary in Monheim am Rhein and is the author of several publications on procedural law, law of obligations and consumer law.

Julia Menk, 24guteTaten Adventskalender

Julia Menk

is the treasurer of our association. She has an osteopatic practice where she does good deeds every day.


Florence Lampe

studied Finance and International Relations at the universities Sankt Gallen (Switzerland) and Sciences Po Paris (France). In the past she has worked for several internet start-ups in Berlin and in Silicon Valley.


Florentine Hopmeier

is responsible for the project selection and the translation of the website. She works for the European Commission in the field of financial regulation. Previously she studied business management and political science.


Raphael Zelter

is a student of social sciences at Berlin’s Humboldt University. At the same time he works for Hochbegabten e.V. For 24GoodDeeds he takes care of the project selection and edits our texts.


Sebastian Kraus

studied at London’s School of Economics and is involved in the Asylos association for the legal defence of refugees in Europe. He is taking care of the 24GoodDeeds homepage and edits our texts