The team
behind the advent calendar

The Team

24 GOOD DEEDS supports people in need and poverty, regardless of nationality, religion, ethnic background or gender. The association is politically independent and non­denominational.

The work of our volunteers and employees is based on personal beliefs and a deep commitment to social justice.

Non-profit, independent and dedicated.

Sebastian Wehkamp

works as a creative and advertising director. In 2010 he developed the 24 GOOD DEEDS concept. Since then he’s been the project’s acting chairman and primary contact for the project.

Swantje Zach

is responsible for project management at 24 GOOD DEEDS. She is a nurse and studied geography with a focus on social/developmental geography and global change. She worked as a junior project assistant at the German Toilet Organization e.V..

Jenny Lewe

is responsible for NGO monitoring at 24 GOOD DEEDS.

Ute Shaw

is responsible for the North American version of the 24 GOOD DEEDS advent calendar. She is a life-long entrepreneur with a background in talent & event management and television production. She is also a passionate philanthropist who has worked with numerous charitable organization, raising awareness and funds for many worthwhile projects around the world. She is currently based in Toronto, Canada.

Carlos Daniel

is responsible for the North American version of the 24 GOOD DEEDS advent calendar. Sales excellence and building strong international brands have been his main focus since studying business administration in Cologne. He lives in Toronto and is at home in the world.

Matthias Meuter

is treasurer at 24 GOOD DEEDS. He started working in tax consulting in 2007 and has also advised associations and corporations under public law. He has been freelancer since 2014 and is also involved in other associations.

Dr. Jens Heinig

takes care of our association’s legal matters. He works as a notary in Monheim am Rhein and is the author of several publications on procedural law, law of obligations and consumer law.

Julia Menk

is the secretary of our association. She has an osteopatic practice where she does good deeds every day.