We believe that transparency is key to trustworthy relationships with our stakeholders. We endorse the principles of the Initiative for a Transparent Civil Society (developed by Transparency International) and have committed to providing the following information:

1. General Information

Name: 24 GOOD DEEDS (24guteTaten e.V.)
Registered Office: Uedesheimer Str. 25
D-40221 DĂĽsseldorf
Office address: 24guteTaten e.V.
Postbox 664685
D-11516 Berlin
Founding year: 2011

2. Statutes and objectives

You can download our statutes here (in German): Statutes from 2019

Mission: Our mission can be summarised as follows:

2.1 Raising awareness of society’s challenges

For every day of the advent season, each of the calendar’s 24 doors enable donors to gain insight into a different world, providing a connection between the donor and the recipient, which leads to a personal interaction with the issue at hand.

2.2 Collecting donations for impactful projects

With each door that is opened, one good deed is implemented by a non-profit organization. In 2020, 166 organizations applied to be included in the calendar. The good deeds are selected based on a number of selection criteria developed according to international best practice. Project impact, and organizational transparency and sustainability are among the key criteria for selection that ensure the donations reach their target audiences and that goals are achieved.

2.3 A positive donor experience during the Advent season

Every day, after learning about a specific issue, donors can immediately contribute to the solution and are able to see what their donation can achieve. Our unique project combines a whimsical advent calendar with the feel-good sentiment of making a positive difference in the world.

3. Latest confirmation of the finance authority about the recognition as a non-profit and tax-exempted entity

The latest confimation by the finane authority can be downloaded here: Freistellungsbescheid

4. Names and roles of key decision-makers

Persons authorized to take decisions regarding statutory or contractual matters: Sebastian Wehkamp (Chairman), Julia Menk (Treasurer) and Florence Lampe (Secretary)

5. Annual report

24 GOOD DEEDS reports about the organization’s activities of the previous year. Here you can find the Annual Reports (in German):
Annual Report 2019

6. Personnel structure

Chairman: Sebastian Wehkamp (since 1.1.2011 untl today, about 10 hours per week) –

Legal affairs: Jens Heinig (since 5.1.2012 until today, about 4 hours per week) –

Project selection: Johanna Wehkamp (since 1.1.2011 until today, about 5 hours per week) –

Project management and treasurer: Lisa Strauch (since 15.02.2015 until today, about 5 hours per week) –

Project management: Sven Bratschke (since 01.03.2018 until today, 16 hours per week) –

Board member: Julia Menk (since 01.01.2011 until today, about 5 hours per week)

Strategic development: Ann Katrin Kray (since 01.06.2018 until today, 5 hours per week)

Head of North America: Ute Shaw (since 01.03.2020 until today, about 10 hours per week) –

Project selection: Esther Altorfer (since 01.01.2011 until today, about 5 hours per week)

Project selection: Florence Lampe (since 01.01.2011 until today, about 5 hours per week)

7 & 8. Source of funds and use of funds

Donors support a good deed every day during Advent thanks to their donation to an aid organization. The donation is of €1 per day (for the €24 donation calendar). From this daily donation, 75% are directed to the aid project, with 25% going to the production of the 24 GOOD DEEDS Advent Calendar. As a not-for-profit organisation we commit to keep the latter amount to a low level and invest voluntary work, in order to comply with those regulations.

As a charitable organization, we are committed to maintaining this second part as low as possible and also invest our own time voluntarily for the work required. We are striving towards a lowering of our administrative expenses in the next year. Costs however exist for the production of the calendars, the maintenance of our website and donation form, tax advisors and to a small part for public relations of our association. Since our administrative workload increased in the past years, we do employ since 2015 an employee on a part-time basis (16hours per week).

We do orient ourserlves at the guidelines of the German Central Institute for Social Questions (DZI) when fixing the revenue share for our association. The insitute sets a maximum share of 30% for the administrative share.

You can find a detailed account of our use of the funds as well as income and expenditure information in our Transparency report 2019-2020.

9. Contractual agreements with third parties


10. Contributions which constitute more than 10% of total yearly income

Private donation by a private person (anonymous donor: 100.000€ in 2018) > none