Good deed? Indeed!

How it works

Bring joy with an advent calendar with surprising good deeds! Behind every door, there is a project that is implemented using your donation. That way, with as little as 24 euros you can support 24 projects all over the world focussing on health care, environment, education as well as nutrition and infrastructure.

Donate online
You can order the calendar for a donation starting at 24 euros. You can either get one for yourself or with a greeting text for your friends and family.
Open the doors
The advent calendar is sent per mail during the advent season to your home. Every day in december you support 24 projects all over the world by opening the calendar's doors.
Every day a good deed
Behind every door you discover which good deed can be realized thanks to your support. Our project selection process guarantees that your donation has a specific and concrete impact.
Achieve a lot in the world
All good deeds are implemented by 24 aid organisations. Every small contribution enables great impacts in the world.

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