Day 24
One breakfast bun for a child with cancer in Berlin

Family breakfast at the day clinic Family breakfast at the day clinic

Caring for children suffering from cancer in Berlin

For Mirko, who suffers from leukaemia, Tuesday is actually not a great day, because that is when he and his dad have to go back to the children’s cancer day clinic at the Charité Berlin. There he has to undergo a check-up because of his chemotherapy and may be given more medication. This is a difficult day in his week and the many hours simply drag by. However, because there now is a delicious breakfast buffet waiting for him there, the hours there are easier to bear. He especially fancies the breakfast roll with jam. His father is also happier because he can talk about his worries with the social and psychological staff.



Care and support for children with cancer and their families.



The KINDERHILFE e.V. offers a weekly breakfast buffet in combination with counselling and care at the children’s cancer day clinic of the Charité.

Countable effort


Number of family breakfasts provided as well as of participants in the children’s cancer day clinic.



Giving children going through hard times positive experiences and providing those affected with time and space for exchange and counselling.

Systemic effect


Improving the situation of children suffering from cancer and their families when it comes to dealing with the condition.


Every year, around 180 children in the region of Berlin-Brandenburg are diagnosed with cancer. This news is a great shock for the families. From one moment to the other, everything in their lives changes. This is not only the beginning of a difficult time for the child with cancer, but the siblings and parents also suffer and are often overwhelmed with the situation. At first they often do not know who to turn to with their questions and worries.

To receive specific help in this tense situation and to be able to communicate with other relatives and affected persons is a great relief for those involved. Conversations with trained specialists in combination with good food are a small ray of hope in difficult times.

The good deed

With your donation, Kinderhilfe e.V. can once a week provide the family breakfast at the children's day clinic at the Charité Berlin. The aim of the family breakfast is to improve the situation of affected families. On the one hand, the children have the opportunity to play with children of the same age and to pleasantly pass the waiting time. Parents can discuss their worries and fears with the staff of Kinderhilfe, take advantage of counselling services and receive useful tips and suggestions for further courses, programmes and opportunities for exchange.

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82 521 653

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2,100 children are diagnosed with cancer every year in Germany. The Charité is one of the largest German hospitals.