Day 22
Four minutes of counselling for a woman in need in Ukraine

Standing on your own two feet again Standing on your own two feet again

Violence against women in the Ukraine conflict

Until 2014, Olena lived in Gnutovo, a small village in eastern Ukraine. When the war started, Olena's house came under fire. The family had to flee, Olena's husband lost his job. After drinking too much alcohol, he would become violent. For Olena and her children, war is not only what happens at the front, but also the climate of violence that spreads into the family's immediate circle. Olena was exposed to this violence for a long time without protection - until she got to know AMICA's mobile team that regularly visits her village: a psychologist, a doctor, a lawyer. "Thanks to them, I was able to slowly stand on my own two feet again," says Olena. Today she runs a self-help group for and with women who have been through similar experiences to hers and are suffering from the ongoing conflict. This solidarity is important to Olena. She is sure: it takes a sense of connection to stop the spiral of violence and to open up new perspectives.



Help and counselling for women in eastern Ukraine who are in distress due to experiences of war and violence.



Mobile teams travel to the conflict zone and support women affected by violence with psychosocial, medical and legal counselling.

Countable effort


Number of counselling hours and women who were thus helped.



The women overcome psychological and physical distress, know their rights and can live self-determined lives.

Systemic effect


Improved protection from violence against women and empowerment of women in eastern Ukraine.


War has been raging in eastern Ukraine since 2014. Around 2.7 million people live on both sides of the line of conflict that runs between the Ukrainian government troops and the pro-Russian separatists. 2 million of them are women, children and elderly people whose daily lives are complicated by numerous checkpoints and lack of basic services (Amnesty International, 2020). There is a shortage of vital services such as health care and social facilities. The longer the conflict lasts, the more violence becomes socially accepted – and this is often directed against women. One in three women report having experienced or witnessed sexualised war violence, and even more women are affected by domestic violence (Besohl & House, 2020). They suffer from anxiety disorders, panic attacks and the feeling of severe helplessness. In addition, women are poorly informed about their rights. They rarely know what legal options they have or where they can find protection. Many live in poverty and have little scope for action. For a woman who is a victim of violence, it is almost impossible to get protection and help in such a context. This is precisely why the professional counselling services provided by our team are so indispensable. They offer women an urgently needed space of protection and the chance to take control of their own lives again.

The good deed

With today's good deed, you are supporting women in eastern Ukraine who are suffering from war and violence. Your donation will enable them to receive help from social workers, psychologists, lawyers and doctors. They advise the women at the counselling centre in Mariupol and at 20 locations in the conflict zone, where mobile teams regularly offer their support. Thanks to your good deed, the women can overcome psychological and physical stress. From the counselling sessions they draw new strength for self-care and self-help. They are also better informed about their rights and know how to stand up for them in their social environment. These counselling sessions help the women and their families to better understand and combat the mechanisms of sexualised violence against women.

Donezk Region Ukraine







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3,727 USD

3,727 USD

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74 of 189

74 of 189

Human Development Index

Landmines and unexploded ordnance make eastern Ukraine one of the most dangerous areas in the world. Ukraine is one of the 5 countries with the highest number of mine victims - almost all of them civilians (bpb, 2021).