Day 23
20 minutes of first aid training for refugees in Germany

First aid for volunteers First aid for volunteers

First aid training in Germany for people with a migration background

It begins with a gesture and a simple question: What's wrong with you? For people who have just had an accident, are injured or are in the midst of an emergency, this is a reassuring question. It gives them the certainty that they are not alone and that there is someone there to help them. The situations in which first aid is needed are as varied as the people we meet every day. It is therefore all the more important that many people have the most important skills and knowledge so that they can act immediately in emergencies. First aid is an international language, which anyone can speak, and which works without words, but which must first be learned.



Training and social participation for migrants in Germany.



Volunteers teach migrants first aid, train them further and motivate them to also get involved in volunteering.

Countable effort


Number of courses held and qualifications of people as certified first responders.



Migrants have completed first aid training and are able to bring their language skills to bear in emergency situations.

Systemic effect


Improved social participation of migrants and volunteering is valued more.


Many people who were forced to leave their native country because of wars are trying to build a new life in Germany. But often they do not have the opportunity to find a job immediately after their arrival. This is often because they do not speak German, because they face challenges during the application process or because their residence status does not allow them to work. For example, people cannot start working during the first three months of their stay and for the duration of their stay in an initial reception institution (BMAS, 2019). For many refugees, this is a frustrating experience because they would gladly participate in social life. Volunteering can be a way for people to get involved. In particular, the language skills of many refugees can often be of great advantage while administering first aid. Being trained as first responders can give refugees the opportunity to do their part for other people in emergency situations.

The good deed

Your good deed enables refugees and migrants to take part in a first-aid course and to go on to become trainers. First aid training offers a direct entry into the social sector of society. People are not only appreciated via the traditional way of taking up a job or by language courses, but also through their social activities. Being there for others, whether in an emergency situation or in voluntary work, is much valued in any society and serves to break down prejudices and to learn to work together. Your donation not only provides people with professional qualifications, but can also motivate them to get involved and establish contact with new people.

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