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A 2 m² plot of meadow will be protected for endangered animals at Gülper Lake

Nature paradise - Nature paradise -

biodiversity in Germany

The area of GĂĽlper Lake is home to an incredibly wide variety of animal and plant species. On the extensive meadows around the lake itself, live endangered grassland birds such as the ruff, the curlew and the corncrake romp. Also the beaver, otter and barbastelle bats live here. Rare plants such as the marsh marigold flower and the lake strandling live in and around the lake.



Meadow protection in Germany



Purchase and permanently protect the meadows at GĂĽlper Lake

Countable effort


Number of m² purchased



Measurable decrease in the use of fertilizers and establishment of stocks of endangered species

Systemic effect


The meadows are permanently placed under protection and home to a growing number of animal and plant species. Breeding success of meadow birds is regularly reported


In Germany, a dramatic decrease of meadows is to be deplored. Meadows and pastures are strictly protected by European law, yet an average of 35 % of this flora-fauna habitat, legally protected by EU law, was lost over the past five years. The reasons for this are the intensification of agriculture, overgrazing and conversion of grassland to farmland.
Many rare species of birds like the snipe and lapwing are, however, dependent on alternating wet meadows as a habitat. They build their nests in the grasslands and raise their young there. Conventional agriculture gives this species no chance of successful breeding: the meadows are mowed too early, too many cattle trample the grounds, and foxes roam drained meadows dry-shod, thus, the breeding success decreases dramatically.

The good deed

Wanting to tackle the population decline of grassland birds, the NABU National Heritage Foundation has decided to proceed with the purchase of meadows on Gülper Lake. Strict requirements for the protection of endangered animal and plant species can often be difficult to enforce in conservation areas against the interests of property owners. As owner, NABU will be able to control this with the open-minded farmers so that the grassland birds can raise their young here in the future in peace.


The acquisition of land for conservation purposes is dependent on the sale of the owners. Therefore research has to be done for a larger area to simultaneously address multiple owners with a purchase offer. Our years of experience help us to take the necessary steps towards owner research, purchase negotiations, notarial, the purchase process and the inclusion of the newly acquired area.

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